MAK MADE IT is all about positivity and celebrating your uniqueness.
Founded by Designer, Makayla Godden, a San Francisco Textile Designer with accolades from Academy of Art University, thrives off creating art and designs that are one of a kind. She is personally motivated and inspired by her family, her love for music, traveling and people.
Makayla's first collection "FACING IT" is inspired by the fact that not one person is the same and this should be embraced.  In a world with comparison, it is important for us all to enjoy our individuality, talents, and flaws. MAK MADE IT embraces the truth that THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU.
MAK MADE IT offers customized, original and sustainable garments with hand painted designs by artist Makayla Godden. Consider each piece, a unique work of art and by using recycled garments we help our environment and reduce waste. All garments sold are pre-washed and should be handled with care.
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We hope you find something that suits you - you're on a one of a kind.